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The Feasibility of Calamansi Extract as an alternative air freshener


Air freshener nowadays are very much needed and demanded by most of our dear consumers especially now that we are facing an intense economic crisis, and with that mere situation, the primary necessities which are very much needed by man in order for him to survive his daily living are now of higher prices compared to the last couple of years. The purpose of this study is to be able to produce a low-cost, attainable and alternative air freshener.The researcher really wants to know if calamansi extract can be a good air freshener.The researcher gathered all the materials needed in conducting the said experiment like calamnsi extract (500 ml), water (350 ml), frying pan, gastove, container, baking soda, and oil (5 ml) and conducted the said experiment step by step. Then the researcher came up with the results that the said calamansi air freshener is not really comparable to the one sold in the market. Therefore, using calamansi extract is not really effective. The researcher recommended further study and other sources of fruit extract.


Background of the Study

Air freshener are commonly used in taxi at present. Not only in taxi but also in offices and comfort rooms. It gives people the convinience to use such facilities for it gives a fragrant smell. Besids of the advantage, the commercial air freshener gives also some disadvantages because it is being manufactured in other countries and in big companies therefore it is expensive.

Calamansi grows in a tropical country like Philippines. Thus it can grow in abundance here. Its extract is a good source of vitamin C. As we get its extract, aside from making it to juice it can also be a substitute for commercially manufactured air freshener.

In this study, we try to investigate if calamansi extract is feasible in substitutng the commercially air freshener. We use calamansi for it has no harmful chemicals like CFC which is present in a commercially manufactured air freshener.

Statement of the poblem

This study tries to invistigate the feasibility of calamansi extract as an alternative for the air freshener that are commercially manufactured. This also aims to produce an eco-friendly yet cheaper air fresheners out of calamansi extract.

Specifically, this tries to answer the following queries:

1. What's in the extract of the calamansi that makes it possible to produce an air freshener?

2.Is the air freshener from the extract of calamansi comparable to one sold in the market in terms of the following:

a. effectiveness?



Significance of the study

This study aims to produce or make an air freshener out of calamansi extract. If this study is possible, we can meet the demands of the consumers and save a lots of money. This can also be eco-friendly because of the fact that it doesn'nt contain any harmful chemicals specially CFC. The importance of this study to the community is that people will likely smell the scent coming from the said air fresher.


The calamansi extract are feasible as an alternative substitute for commercial air freshener.

Scope and Limitations

In this study, the researches considered one limitation. This study is limited in the feasibility of calamansi extract as an alternative air freshener. We use to have a product in 1 day.

Definition of terms

1. calamansi extract- extract of any particular lemon being squeezed
2. air freshener- products that mitigate unpleasant odors in indoor spaces.


Review of related Literature

Calamansi is a fast growing plant with a simple cylindrical shape. This plant grows abundantly here in Philippines.It could be a good source of spices, food additives, juice and etc.

Earthwise air freshener are long lasting naturally perfumed products. Nowadays, invention of this air freshener made our lives comfortable but as you scan see in our economy we are facing this economic crisis, so the researcher is trying to say that air freshener can be made easily by our current techniques and with this we can assume that our product will be an eco-friendly.



A. Materials

*calamnsi extract (500 ml)

*water (350 ml)
*frying pan
*baking soda
*oil (5 ml)
B. Preparation

First, all the materials needed are prepared. Next, the calamnsi extract is mixed with wter and in baking soda while waiting for the oil in the frying pan to be heated. Then, the mixture is putted in the frying pan within 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, the said air freshener is putted in the suggested container.


Results and Discussion

A. Findings

The table above is the summary of the said experiment. The researcher noticed that almost of the respondents have the same comments. Half of them says that the said air freshener is fair enough to compare it to the one sold in the market. One said that it has poor condition while the other said that it's good.

B. Analysis of data

The calamansi extract don't have the advantage in terms of its scent.


Conclusion and Recommendation


After conducting the experiment, the researcher conclude that air freshener out of calamansi extract is not really comparable to the commercial once.


The researcher recommend further study in the project especially to the use of other fruit extract rather than just calamansi extract.



The researcher would like to acknowledge the following:

His parents for their moral and financial support, his mentors and teachers for assisting with his research,his friends for motivating him to continue the study, and The Almighty God who gives wisdom and understanding..